There is a reason I created this blog for. Actually there is more than one, but you won’t learn it, unless you finish reading this…

I like programming. I like coding. And since you ‘re reading this, I bet you do so. Programming can help you learn about life, simply by sitting in front of your screen, fulfilling at most, your social label as a geek or no-lifer. Yes that’s right, that is you. And me. And many more. Don’t worry, you ‘re not alone. It can help you learn, some stuff, school and other educational institutions fail to. So, during the brief time, I ‘ve spent coding, I ‘ve learned that

  • you are always better at what you are doing, if you are doing what you really enjoy. Thus i turned to coding…
  • you can be a better teacher for yourself than many others. The learning curve, can be a bit more tedious, but you definitely learn something through no prisms, and others’ subjectivity.
  • in life there is no undo button. But in coding there is, so i backup everything. And i mean, everything.
  • when you achieve something, you better have a way to reproduce it. So i keep logs of everything. And i mean, everything.
  • the best way to learn something is to teach it. Unfortunately. the guy who said that, had proved he lived by his word. But in general, it’s a good piece of advice.

And this is the reason, this blog exists. Hope you enjoy it. And i hope you ‘ll forgive me selfishness…


Thus spoken… me.

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